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Daily Archives: October 17, 2017

UK civil aviation regulator urges Emirates to compensate passengers for flight delays

The UK’s civil aviation regulator is holding Emirates to its word that it would compensate passengers for the flight delays that they experienced. They have also penned a letter to Etihad, Singapore and American Airlines to adhere to a European Union law that addresses passengers’ rights in case of a flight disruption. The development came after a UK court passed judgment over the weekend that Emirates passengers could start collecting …

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Rise in engine failures giving rise to questions about aviation safety in India

The steep climb in engine failure cases in India is raising serious concern about aviation safety in the country. Figures from India’s civil aviation regulator has shown that as many as 15 aircrafts have already suffered engine damage in the middle of flights. Investigation into these cases is already underway as the growing number is disturbing as it’s the highest in six years. Engine manufacturers have already been appraised of …

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Over 80,000 Monarch passengers brought back to UK in £60million operation

More than 80,000 vacationers have been repatriated to the UK as part of £60million operation after the travel company went into administration. The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) utilized a total of 567 flights to bring back 83,875 passengers. The massive operation concluded when the last of the flights, one that came from Tel Aviv carrying 122 passengers, arrived at Luton Airport on Monday morning. The CAA added that they …

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British Transport Minister confident that Britain won’t leave EU without new settlement

In spite of the fact that negotiations between Britain and the EU have stalled, British Transport Minister Chris Grayling reiterated his belief that Britain would not leave without settling on a new deal with the bloc. Negotiations between EU and Prime Minister Theresa May’s government have hit a snag as they try to secure a separation settlement and agreement on their future dealings, thus giving rise to the possibility of …

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