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United States prohibits airlines from flying near North Korea due to unannounced missile launches

The United States has barred U.S. airlines from flying over a large part of the Sea of Japan due to the threat of North Korea’s unannounced missile launches. The mandate comes mere months after a missile came uncomfortable close to an airline bearing hundreds of passengers. Majority of North Korea’s airspace—called the Pyongyang Flight Information Region—is already off limits to U.S. airlines. However, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration continued to …

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Canada: Public consultations on Transportation Modernization Act being readied

The Canadian Transportation Agency is preparing to launch an online consultation process after Bill C-49, otherwise known as the Transportation Modernization Act, is made into law. The Canadian Transportation Agency is an independent regulator that is tasked with setting out rules and resolving issues relating to air, rail, and marine transportation. Its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Scott Streiner, said the organization has plans to stage in-person, daylong consultations in …

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Nigeria and Canada sign Air Service Agreement to bolster flight operations between two countries

An Air Service Agreement has been signed between Nigeria and Canada in a bid to bolster mutually beneficial flight operations between the two countries. Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika, made the announcement after the federal executive meeting. He said that the new agreement would improve commerce, air connectivity and welcome a new direction where flights originating from Nigeria can directly connect with Canada. Should the comments of the Aviation …

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EASA emission regulations inch closer to being established

Regulations that would establish updated European-built jet aircraft CO2 emissions standards endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have moved forward with the recent publication of an EASA Opinion. The Opinion clarifies how and the reasons behind the adoption of the emissions requirement rulemaking the agency proposed earlier this year. These rules would be the initial salvo of the ICAO recommended global standards for CO2 aircraft emissions that would …

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Cabo Verde and China working out Air Transport Agreement

The Republic of Cabo Verde and China are discussing an Air Transport Agreement that would allow China’s Capital Airlines and Cabo Verde’s national carrier, TACV, to fly between the two countries, Cabo Verde’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luís Filipe Tavares, made the announcement at the conclusion of his five-day visit to China. Tavares shared that the issue was one of the main talking points of the meeting with his counterpart, …

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Britain’s aviation authority cancels Monarch’s operating license

Britain’s aviation authority, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), has revoked the operating license of embattled carrier, Monarch Airlines, after its sudden downfall back in October. Monarch had tried to argue its case to the CAA, claiming that it should retain its license, much like Air Berlin when it entered administration earlier this year. Additionally, it said that suspension, and not a revocation, could aid them in attaining a better outcome …

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