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Serbia and Morocco finalize new Air Services Agreement

The nations of Serbia and Morocco have come to terms on a new Air Services Agreement that would help regulate air traffic between the two countries. The new pact would also help facilitate Royal Air Maroc’s launch of its planned service to Belgrade. The Serbian government has already given the green light for the new agreement and has referred it to parliament for its approval before it is finally enforced. …

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Iraq signs contract with IATA to allows it to collect airspace transit fees

Iraq has signed a contract with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that gives it authority to collect fees from aircrafts that pass through its airspace. Iraq’s Transport Ministry announced the development in a statement. The Ministry disclosed that its technical secretary signed the contract, describing it as the “first of its kind, and results into collecting fees for passage through Iraqi airspace.” The statement also took note that the …

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IATA identifies concerns in Africa that must be addressed for a better aviation system

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has pegged a steep rise in the size of Angola’s air transport market. IATA says that by the year 2036, Angola’s aviation market would be catering to 7.1 million passengers. The figure is projected from the annual growth rate of 6.7%. The IATA said that faster growth could still be even attained if Angola would open its market and prioritize participation in Africa’s efforts …

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EU evaluating contingency plans to keep British planes flying over Europe

The European Commission has told European Union diplomats that they should ponder the possibility of an agreement with the UK that would keep flights going should no aviation deal be settled in time for Brexit. EU pacts let airlines operate and land in other member countries. However, Britain is set to leave the block by March 2019. With this impending development, fears are steadily rising that British carriers’ flights would …

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EESC supports proposal to amend regulation on safeguarding competition in air transport

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is putting its weight behind the proposal put forward by the European Commission to amend the regulation that safeguards international competition in air transport. During the EESC plenary session, the Committee appealed to the European Parliament and the Council to approve the revised regulation to promptly resolve distortions in international competition. The EESC backs the Commission’s dual approach to safeguarding fair competition in …

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Airport Slots

By Dr. P.P.C. Haanappel, Emeritus Professor of Air and Space Law, Consultant Regularly, Aeropolitical Updates reports on airport slot developments throughout the world. “Slots” is a complex subject. The following is an attempt to systemize the matter, at least legally. Airport slots and other slots An airport slot is an arrival or departure (runway) time allotted to a particular airline at a particular airport, for a particular season (summer or winter). It …

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