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India hits pause on talks with Dubai regarding increase on flying rights

The Aviation Ministry of India has decided it would stop negotiating with Dubai on increasing bilateral flying rights for now. A senior official of the Ministry that had direct knowledge of the situation but asked to remain anonymous, disclosed the recent development. “It has been decided to put the issue of Dubai bilaterals on hold after the internal proposal to increase flying entitlements between India and Dubai by about 8,000 …

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Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal expecting European Commission to lift airline ban

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has resolved the concerns of the European Commission (EC) regarding its air safety deficiencies, after presenting evidence during the technical meeting that was recently held in Brussels, Belgium. With this development, the CAAN said that it expects the order that has kept Nepali carriers from flying into major European cities to be lifted soon. “We are very well prepared. We made a detailed presentation …

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Australia: Federal Government launches inquiry into air travel

Australia’s Federal Government has launched another inquiry into air travel to determine the social and economic impact aviation services had on regional Australia. The latest inquiry comes in the heels of the first one that was tabled in November of last year, after that failed to find out whether airfares were reasonable enough because of a lack of information from carriers. Critics slammed the said probe after it came up …

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Airline Operators of Nigeria reject proposed African open skies

The Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) has spurned the proposed Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) and then, urged the Federal Government to not sign any treaty that would impact the future of Nigeria. Capt. Nogie Megisson, the Chairman of the AON, explained that the country needs to establish a policy that would aid local carriers first before even discussing the possibility of open skies. Megisson made the comments during …

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