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Kuwait DGCA emphasizes importance of pushing back EU regulation on fair competition

Kuwait’s Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Yousef Al-Fouzan urged Arabs to rebuff a recent European Union regulation that seeks to secure fair competition between European and international airline companies.

Speaking from the sidelines of the Arab league’s special gathering held in Cairo, Egypt, Al-Fouzan spoke of EU’s regulation No 868/2004, which seeks to promote fair competition in civil aviation.

Al-Fouzan bared that the meeting would discuss and review the details of the regulation. He added that the Kuwaiti group would forward several proposals in that regard and that they would come to a consensus regarding the issue at the conclusion of the gathering.

The regulation serves two countries of the 28 members in the EU, Al-Fouzan revealed, stressing the pressures put by France’s Air France and Germany’s Lufthansa on the EU.

The EU regulation also bars Arab governments from supporting their national carrier companies, Al-Fouzan explained, taking note that Air France and Lufthansa have been accepting support from the French and German governments for nearly a century.

The regulation also aims to check the continuing growth of Arab and Gulf aviation companies, in particular UAE’s Emirates and Etihad, and Qatar’s Qatar Airways.

The meeting will push the Arab stance against the regulation to the Arab Parliament, which would later discuss it with the EU before turning the regulation into a law, Al-Fouzan noted.

The DGCA boss added that the new rule directly interferes with countries’ sovereignty, and will adversely affect all countries around the world.



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