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AACO approves resolutions on EU competition regulation and security

The Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) has green-lighted the following resolutions during the 50th AGM:

Resolution on competition issues in relations with the EU: Regarding the European Commission’s (EC) proposal for a regulation rescinding EU regulation 868/2004 on upholding fair competition in air transport, AACO urged EU institutions to deliberate observations on the EC proposal forwarded by some Arab parties, including AACO, to the EC and EU Parliament. AACO called on EU institutions to consider the following principles in their approach to the EC proposal:

  • Respect the sovereignty of other states and their legal and economic structures;
  • Not to be used as a pressure tool to invoke the interests and requests of one state on another;
  • Place the interests of passengers at the top of the priorities;
  • Not be used to develop protective measures designed to promote one party’s competitive position at the expense of another party;
  • Not become a source of disputes with other countries;

Resolution on aviation security and facilitation: AACO urged states to stop enacting unilateral security measures, which do not lessen global threats, and rather to properly address threats globally through ICAO. AACO urged states to work with ICAO, airlines, airports and concerned stakeholders when developing responsive security measures to new threats and to support ICAO in developing sustainable global mitigation measures.

  • AACO urged states to consult with airlines and concerned stakeholders on the responsibilities of each stakeholder in implementing security measures and on the applicability and implementation timelines for measures to ensure protection of passengers and assets while minimizing disruption to air transport;
  • AACO will continue working with ICAO and in collaboration with states, airlines and international and regional organizations to support the development and implementation of the Regional Security and Facilitation Plan.

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