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Air France-KLM CEO seeks measures to reduce delays for passengers due to security checks

Air France-KLM CEO Jean-Marc Janaillac has urged French officials to look into “urgent” measures that would help alleviate the delay for air passengers caused by security checks at Paris airports.

The police checks come at an inopportune time when passenger traffic is picking up steam ahead of the bustling summer holiday season, said Janaillac, who claimed that he has already sent a letter to French Interior Minister asking him for expedited action.

The queues at the police filters at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, the country’s largest in the north of the capital and Orly, in the south, can take more than two hours, claimed Janaillac.

“Waiting times at police checks are very, very long, sometimes more than an hour and a half at Roissy and can go over two hours at Orly, which totally disrupts the transport chain and contributes to flight delays”, he explained.

Janaillac has lobbied to French authorities to permit the greater use of existing facial recognition technologies in London or Amsterdam, employ more air and border police and to ease on passport checks to some destinations.

Tourism, a large source of revenue for France, has slowly recovered after the tragic attacks in Paris and the Riviera city of Nice caused a steep dive last year.

“Traffic, as is the case for all companies, is indeed dynamic right now”, Janaillac said.

“There is a positive trend in the second quarter”, he added.


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