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Australia ushers in new measures to strengthen security at airports

Australia has unveiled new regulations in a bid to strengthen security at its airports.

Amongst the changes made to the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 were the introduction of security screening for airport employees, stricter access controls and additional training on security alertness.

The changes were made to make airside areas more secure and alleviate the threat of an attack initiated from the inside.

“Airport workers, together with their vehicles and belongings, will be randomly selected for explosive trace detection testing and other screening when entering or working in secure airside areas at major airports.

“These measures strengthen existing controls to ensure airport workers are authorized, properly identified and appropriately trained before entering secure airside areas. They may also be subject to security screening in the course of their duties.

“The measures will be progressively implemented and will provide flexibility for airports to ensure they continue to function efficiently and effectively. The Australian Government continues to counter security threats and is committed to providing the Australian public with safe and secure air travel,” said Australia’s Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester.

The moves of the government are being seen as an answer to a failed attempt to blow-up a flight leaving Sydney in July. Security at Australian airports was heightened and detailed measures were taken following the alleged “Islamic-inspired” terrorist attack.


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