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Aviation industry worried about effects of Brexit, says Qantas CEO

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce admitted that the aviation industry is anxious about the impact that Brexit would have on international travel.

The Irish-born boss of Australia’s national carrier said that he is hopeful that there would be a “good compromise” and that exit negotiations are “managed carefully.”

“We all know it could be a shock for the Irish and the UK economies but [also] for the world economy,” Joyce said.

He added that Qantas, which has been operating for over 70 years, has historical rights that go back before the European Union.

However, he said the challenge for the carrier would be changes to travel arrangements for people from the UK going back into Europe.

“We have a big base in London and a lot of our employees are in Continental Europe who fly to the UK. So will their work permits and work ability still apply? There’s huge implications for businesses like ours that are on the other side of the world,” rued Joyce.

Joyce also remarked that he is happy to see that his home country’s economy is on the upswing.

“Having come back to Ireland occasionally every year for the last 20 years that I’ve been away, what’s great is that the country is back on a high a bit, the economy seems to be doing fairly well,” said Joyce..

“When you talk to the taxi drivers, it’s always a good indicator; they’re optimistic and you get that optimistic feel,” he added.

Joyce was made Chief Executive of Qantas in 2008, after a stint as the boss of Qantas subsidiary, Jetstar in 2003.

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