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Civil Aviation Committee of Kazakhstan to inspect foreign carriers to ensure flight safety

The Civil Aviation Committee of Kazakhstan revealed its plans to inspect 25 foreign airlines this year to make sure that flights remain safe.

In all, the committee would be conducting 59 certifications and 434 inspections of air transport enterprises in compliance of Clause 1 of Article 16-2 of the Law on the Use of the Airspace of Kazakhstan and Aviation Activities.

Additionally, the committee divulged that it would be checking 20 operators involved in commercial transportation, 20 organizations that are charged with maintenance and repair of aviation gear, 11 branches of the republican state enterprise KazAeroNavigation, 24 airports and airfields, eight heliports and 23 aviation training centers.

The committee is not stopping there as they would also be taking a closer look at four aviation medical centers, five aviation medical experts, and 44 different types of inspections and certification inspections of aviation industry will be done.

During the 11 months of 2017, 6.8 million people were transported by Kazakhstan’s airlines. This is 1.3 million people or 22.2% more than the figure for January-November 2016.

This figure represents the most substantial growth in passenger transportation over the last five years.

During the said period, revenues from air passenger transportation reached 266.4 billion tenge, or 26.4% more than for the same period in 2016.

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