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EasyJet expresses confidence EU-UK flying rights to be maintained after Brexit

EasyJet Chairman, John Barton, remains steadfast in his belief that airline flying rights between the UK and the EU would be maintained even after Brexit.

Barton was sharing his thoughts on the matter shortly after easyJet won shareholder approval for a scheme that would guarantee that easyJet becomes EU controlled, allowing it continue flying between and within countries on the continent after Brexit.

EasyJet’s annual meeting resulted in the agreement of amendments in easyJet’s articles of association to make sure it remains EU owned after Brexit in 2019.

“We have no immediate intention of using these powers but they are an important element in ensuring that easyJet has the ability to maintain EU ownership and control at all times should we need to do so,” remarked Barton.

Barton deemed Brexit as “one of the biggest issues facing the European airline industry.”

Discussing the said changes, he disclosed plans to raise non-UK ownership for less than half to above 50% before the UK’s exit from the EU.

In addition, the airline is applying for a stand-alone UK air operating certificate, which would operate its UK-based aircraft, with a decision said to come down from the Civil Aviation Authority in a few weeks time.

“As part of this process the Department for Transport has this week informed the CAA that easyJet UK can be granted this AOC as a British airline,” Barton relayed.

He added:

“This status will be maintained after the UK leaves the EU and easyJet plc is majority EU owned.

“Finally, to ensure that we can use this new structure to continue to operate all of our flights after Brexit easyJet is working with the UK government, EU institutions and EU member states to ensure that flying rights between the UK and the EU are maintained.

“Given that consumers, airlines and politicians across the UK and Europe all want flights between the UK and EU to continue after Brexit we are confident there will be an agreement.”

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