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EU, China finalize new aviation agreements for certification standardization and liberalization

The European Commission and China have finalized the following agreements that would help facilitate market access:

European Commission and China concluded (08-Dec-2017) the following agreements aiming to facilitate market access:

Bilateral Civil Aviation Safety Agreement: Will take away the needless duplication of evaluation and certification activities for aeronautical products by the civil aviation authorities, therefore lowering costs. The initialing of the agreement will also advance ongoing certification processes for European aviation products in China.

Horizontal Aviation Agreement: Marks China’s acknowledgment of the principle of EU designation, whereby all EU airlines will be allowed to operate to China from any EU Member State with a bilateral air services agreement. Until now, only airlines owned and regulated by a given Member State or its nationals could function between that Member State and China. The conclusion of a Horizontal Agreement will also bring bilateral air services agreements between China and EU Member States into conformity with EU law.

The Commission remarked that the agreement marks “yet another key deliverable under the Commission’s Aviation Strategy for Europe.”

Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, stated that the agreements “will allow for more flights between the two regions, boost the EU’s trade in aircraft and related products, and ensure the highest levels of air safety.”

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