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European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment and ICAO sign updated MoU

The European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) and the International Civil Aviation Organization have agreed to forge better cooperation in the development of standards for safer aviation by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with other aviation bodies.

During the 12th Air Navigation Conference, held back in 2012, the community clearly recognized the significance of international standards and urged the ICAO to make better use of such material from recognized standard-developing organizations (SDOs) to supplement the ICAO provisions.

ICAO Assembly Resolution A38-11 endorsed this the following year. The partnership between EUROCAE and ICAO has helped ensure a high level of aviation safety based on unified regulations backed by by technical standards.

The updated signed MoU applies the political commitments to work together and ICAO’s appreciation of industry standards. This improved collaboration between EUROCAE and ICAO is expected to bring even more value to both organizations and the aviation community in general.

The MoU delivers a basis for facilitating the collaboration, making available EUROCAE standards and ICAO provisions to be matching and backing each other’s efforts in an effective manner.

This would provide the community complete regulations, standards and technical specifications for deployment and coordinated implementation.

“The exchange of information permitted by these new agreements will be critical to ICAO’s efforts to develop mature and comprehensive standards for international civil aviation,” said ICAO Secretary-General Dr. Fang Liu.

She added: “Industry standards serve unique and often complementary roles in support of global air navigation objectives, which underscores the importance of ICAO’s provisions being fully compatible with the efforts of these new partners.”

Liu also stressed, “the enhanced interoperability these agreements have achieved will directly support improved sectoral performance in terms of aviation’s safety, sustainability and efficiency.”

EUROCAE President, Francis Schubert said that there are fruitful examples of complementarity between EUROCAE standards and ICAO provisions.

EUROCAE Secretary General, Christian Schleifer, committed to cooperate within the framework of the MoU, by making use of the resources available to the benefit of the community.

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