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Ghana and Egypt to form partnership in aviation industry

Ghana’s Aviation Minister Abena Dapaah announced that her country and Egypt would be working together in the aviation industry.

She mentioned that apart from the technical aspect, areas like training of cabin crew, ground handling and safety would also be given priority.

Dapaah made the pivotal announcement when she met Egyptian Minister of Aviation, Sherif Fathi Attia, before the start of the African Air-show. She emphasized that the staging of the Air-show made known the intentions of the Ghana President, Nana Akufo-Addo, to turn the country into an aviation hub.

“Egypt Aviation has evolved. If you consider the immediate turning point  of the aviation industry in Egypt, it is refreshing to note that partnering Egypt Aviation would transform the fortunes of Ghana,” Dapaah said.

She added that Ghana would be discussing what Egypt would be bringing to the table to deepen the cooperation between the two nations. Furthermore, Dapaah said that she was more than willing to work with Egypt given the historical ties their countries had with one another.

“What I am enthused about is the willingness to use local products to develop the Kotoka Airport to maximize profits since over the years airport developments had always seen importation of products from abroad with hard earned money. New technology to use local products with our cooperation with Egypt is welcome news, “ Dapaah stated.

The Egyptian Aviation Minister also assured his Ghanaian counterpart of his country’s readiness to share their expertise with Ghana.

“We see the enthusiasm of the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, in transforming this country. We have no doubt that given the opportunity, we would bring real transformation to the Aviation Sector in Ghana,” Sherif Fathi Attia said.

He also vowed to formulate a comprehensive proposal to help Ghana’s quest of turning itself into a major player in Africa’s aviation industry.

“With the introduction of Egypt Aviation in Ghana, stronger ties would be enforced for the benefit of the two countries. We believe the cooperation would see major ideas and expertise shared between two strong continental players in the aviation business,” the Egyptian minister stressed.

The Egyptian delegation is participating in the ongoing African Air-show at the Kotoka International Airport.

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