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Guyana Civil Aviation Authority prioritizing safety in bid to improve compliance with ICAO standards

In a bid to improve their level of compliance with the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCCA) is listing down safety regulations as a top priority for this year.

Director General, Lieutenant Colonel, Egbert Field, has reportedly said that one of the organization’s primary goals in 2018 is to amend its regulations to comply with the standards and recommended practices outlined by ICAO.

“Seeing that we will be bringing out the revised Civil Aviation Bill, it will require that we revise our regulations. They will include safety management systems, regulations pertaining to drone operations, revised operations regulations for the industry so a number of items will be revised,” Field said.

The Civil Aviation Bill is currently with the Parliamentary Select Committee and it is expected that approval would be granted before this year ends. Fields added that the passage of the bill would not see the industry being weighed down with more regulations.

He continued to explain that the industry is already functioning under the regulations expressed in the Bill.

“The only thing we’re doing is putting it in its proper format and ensuring that it is being presented to them in the way ICAO wants it to be presented,” said Fields.

According the Department of Public Information, in addition to amending its regulations, GCAA will also be running a compliance and enforcement training program next month.

Field said that this training exercise would go a long way to helping the organization answer the items asked for by the ICAO and pull the GCAA closer to compliance.

At the moment, Guyana is third from the bottom in compliance ranking, having moved up one place.

But the Authority, which is currently around 70% in compliance has been doing corrective actions to move closer to 80%, before the end of the year, the DPI relayed.

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