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ICAO and partners finalize Global Runway Safety Action Plan

The International Civil Aviation Organization would be meeting with its global runway safety partnering organizations in Lima, Peru to pursue the finalization of the new Global Runway Safety Action Plan.

ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu emphasized runway safety during the 2017 ICAO Global Runway Safety Symposium, saying, “Runway safety has been a global aviation priority for more than 15 years, and this new action plan is an important outcome of the detailed analysis of runway risk factors recently undertaken by ICAO.”

Runway accident related deaths have dropped in recent years, thanks to the work being done by ICAO’s collaborative Runway Safety Program and stakeholders’ efforts such as the instituting of Runway Safety Teams at airports.

In spite of the progress, runway accidents are still aviation’s number one safety risk category.

The new Action Plan agreed to at the ICAO Symposium would guide the integrated activities of States, airports, airlines, ANSPs and manufacturers to apply runway safety enhancement and risk reduction measures, with an overall goal of lessening runway safety related accident fatalities and costs.

“Regardless of the success achieved thus far, the numbers still reveal for us that we have more work to do to fully mitigate runway-related risks,” Liu said.

“That helps explain why ICAO has brought the world’s runway safety specialists here to Lima this week for our second Global Runway Safety Symposium, and we’re encouraged by the outcome of this new Action Plan which will drive improved runway safety risk mitigation over the next five years.”

The Action Plan targets and timelines have been established to back the runway safety targets already in place under ICAO’s Global Aviation Safety Plan, which is considered by aviation safety experts across the globe as a high-level strategic tool to help bring into line international actions and initiatives and eschew duplication of efforts.

An additional and related development announced at the Lima Symposium was EUROCONTROL’s initiation of its amended European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions.

The 2017 ICAO Global Runway Safety Symposium was presented by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Peru. Global runway safety specialists from member states, international organizations and industry groups participated in the event.

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