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Jamaica: Government to review 2007 National Transport Policy

The Jamaican government would be reviewing the country’s National Transport Policy (NTP) during the 2018-2019 financial year.

Tanya Bedward, the Director of the Projects Unit in the transport and mining industry, said that the review would also include the aviation industry.

“Part of the process will be to revisit the current policy and to also assess it within all the changes that would have happened in the (aviation) sector, which would have been significant over the years,” Bedward remarked during the recent Aviation Seminar and Luncheon.

The Airports Authority of Jamaica, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, and Aeronautical Telecommunications Limited hosted the gathering, which was part of the country’s observance of International Civil Aviation Week.

She stressed that the review would include both local and international developments in the industry. She also added that the review would also take a look at the technological developments in Jamaica, which include the introduction of drones.

The policy amendment will also integrate discussions with stakeholders from both in and outside the industry. This would include private citizens.

The NTP governs all aspects of transport in Jamaica – air, water, roads, railways, infrastructure and services.

The NTP is tasked with identifying the issues being faced by the Jamaican government in the development of this sector. It also addresses the roles of Government, the private sector and the numerous authorities operating in the sector.

It also pinpoints the necessary changes in the regulatory structure, and deals with the environment and safety.

“When we had the lightning strike the other day, a lot of people asked questions, really out of not knowing. The function was put on so that individuals can ask questions that have been troubling them for some time. It also gives information to the public that there is an aviation industry that provides jobs,” said Leroy Lindsay, Board director of the Airports Authority of Jamaica, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA), and Aeronautical Telecommunications Limited (AEROTEL).

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