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Kenya Airways begins process of operating direct flights to New York

Kenya Airways has begun the process of operating direct flights to New York, which would officially start on October 28.

Kenya Airways Group Managing Director, Sebastian Mikosz, revealed that they would start selling tickets for the historic first flight on Thursday.

“This is an exciting moment for us. It fits within our strategy to attract corporate and high-end tourism traffic from the world to Kenya and Africa. We are honored to contribute to the economic growth of Kenya and East Africa,” Mikosz relayed.

One of the three requirements mandated by the United States government to operate non-stop flights to New York City had already been completed by the carrier.

Mikosz was optimistic that they would be able to fulfill all three before the year ends.

“We hope to complete the other tasks in the next ten months,” he said.

Kenya Airways is set to become the first carrier to offer a non-stop flight between East Africa and the United States of America. The airline already operates flights to Africa, Europe, Middle-East, Indian sub-continent and Asia.

The Kenya Airways flight would be the fastest one connecting East Africa to New York. The flight would last 15 hours eastbound and 14 hours westbound and would be operated by a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Kenya Airways Chairman Michael Joseph stated that the flights represent a comeback for the airline that had been enduring losses for the past few years.

“But we expect the destination to contribute up to ten percent of all revenue in 2019,” Joseph said.

The national airline is, at the moment, in talks with Delta Airlines for a code sharing pact in 2019 that would expand its destinations in the U.S.

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