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Mozambique Civil Aviation Authority grants seven carriers domestic route rights

The Civil Aviation Authority of Mozambique has granted domestic passenger traffic rights to seven airlines after a tender that was staged earlier in the year.

At a press conference held at the capital city of Maputo, the regulator gave Ethiopian Airlines and its Southern African unit, Malawian Airlines, cabotage rights, while local operators including CFM – Transportes e Trabalhos Aéreos, TTA – Sociedade de Transporte e Trabalho Aéreo, and Solenta Aviation Mozambique were granted permission to commence regular passenger flights in competition with LAM – Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique and MEX – Mocambique Expresso.

Although IACM’s Chairman João Abreu did not state which routes were allocated, he said that Ethiopian Airlines wants to offer far-reaching coverage of Mozambique, while Malawian has applied for choice routes.

The seven carriers have been given 180 days to begin operating their requested routes and, in the case of the two foreign airlines, they must first register as Mozambican companies. CFM – Transportes e Trabalhos Aéreos and TTA are also mandated to regularize their licensing in accordance with Mozambican aviation regulations.



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