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New ICAO SAM Plan to facilitate South American air transport development

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Council President Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu emphasized that the new ICAO South American (SAM) Plan would be their strategic resource for the integration of air transport development in the coming years.

The plan would also help create conditions that would help facilitate aviation connectivity on the continent.

“South America’s civil aviation sector has been expanding two times as quickly as its GDP in recent years, which sets the stage to realize some tremendous further progress here,” Aliu said.

“Your region now needs a more ambitious and longer-term strategy to continuously augment air transport connectivity and the benefits which derive from it, and that is where the new ICAO SAM Plan comes in,” the ICAO President added.

The new ICAO SAM Plan trains its eyes on four priorities for South American air transport. These are increased connectivity; the sustained and willing pursuit of aviation safety performance developments; the autonomy and consolidation of local national civil aviation authorities; and further emissions and noise lessening.

“Connectivity advances would include the adoption of air transport liberalization and harmonized consumer protection regulations, in order to better integrate regional air services with the expectations of 21st century passengers,” Aliu stated.

“And to improve aviation safety still further, ICAO is advocating for the more extensive and effective implementation of State Safety Programs (SSPs) on the government side, and Safety Management System (SMS) adoption by local industry operators and suppliers.”

Aliu also noted that all future SAM advancements should be done in compliance with the complete targets and roadmaps formulated under ICAO’s recently amended Global Plans for aviation safety, efficiency and security.

He explained that the goals for better SAM Region compliance and performance would be attained through the fulfillment of stronger civil aviation authorities, and that this represents arguably the greatest area for improvement in the future.

“Our ICAO Regional Office in Lima, and ICAO’s No Country Left Behind initiative, will be instrumental to your success in establishing the partnerships and resources needed towards these aims, supported by your exemplary cooperation mechanisms such as the Regional Safety Oversight Cooperation System (SRVSOP) and the Caribbean Aviation Safety and Security Oversight System (CASSOS),” said Aliu.

The ICAO President went on to laud South American States for their devotion to the environmental sustainability of civil aviation in the Region.

“The operational improvements introduced are already helping to limit CO2 emissions from international flight activity, and the CO2 emission reduction Action Plans that you have realized are a very concrete sign of your deeper commitments to air transport environmental performance. Certainly the inclusion of a high- level environmental objective in the SAM Plan will only strengthen this Regional resolve,” Aliu remarked.

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