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Norwegian’s UK subsidiary looking for US approval to fuel long-haul expansion

Norwegian’s UK subsidiary has been given “tentative approval” for a US foreign air carrier permit which it deems will allow it to better use its fleet to fuel its long-haul expansion campaign.

Currently, all of its low-cost flights from the UK to the US are made by aircrafts operating within its Norwegian registered airline, which is called Norwegian Air Shuttle.

But while Norway is integrated in the EU-US Open Skies pact – which enables seamless flights between the continents – it does not have traffic rights to other regions where the airline wants to expand, such as South America, South Africa and places in Asia.

The company said once its Norwegian UK subsidiary – which was created in 2015 – had gained full and complete approval from the US Department of Transport (DOT), planes in that part of its business could be utilized on all of its long-haul routes globally, and spark the group’s expansion in a better manner.

The airline refuted talks that the move was linked to Brexit but argued it was the result of its own long-haul growth plans.

Norwegian’s Chief Executive Bjørn Kjos, said the move would allow its UK subsidiary to offer “millions of passengers even more new routes and lower fares” and that more jobs would also be created on both sides of the Atlantic.

Norwegian flies from five UK airports – London Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast – transporting over 5 million UK passengers each year to over 50 locales.

It recently bared plans for new flights from London Gatwick to Singapore, starting in September, and Argentina starting in February 2018.

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