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Philippines: CAAP issues Temporary Aerodrome Certificate to Manila International Airport Authority

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines has issued a Temporary Aerodrome Certificate to the Manila International Airport Authority after it complied with 81% of the requirements of the facility and its operation.

“It’s temporary because we have still five things to comply with. We are going to correct these five aspects, which is part of giving MIAA the final certification for the aerodrome,” explained the airport’s General Manager, Eddie Monreal.

Monreal outlined the items that they still needed to work on:

These are: 1) leveling road mounds between Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminals 2 and 4; 2) putting up maps to the airport’s runway coordinates; 3) the wildlife hazard management plans; 4) Facility operations manual; and 5) updated aeronautical information publication.

The MIAA boss was bullish about their chances of complying with all five before June ends this year.

“It’s a big challenge, but we have to do it,” he said.

Nearly a decade ago, the MIAA was urged to fix some of the requirements the International Civil Aviation Organization had found lacking after its audit with CAAP.

Though there was a compliance rate of around 60%, the CAAP related that the MIAA was not given the aerodrome certificate.

Monreal disclosed that they had around 500 items to comply with before it got reduced to 129 in 2010. It reached just 60 as of last year.

“Within that short span of time we made some rectifications and managed to get to 81 percent of the compliance. The passing points accordingly is about 70 points,” Monreal stated.

Monreal added that the MIAA would amend coordinates’ measurements as part of the points of emphasis per the requirements.

While other airports in the country had already gotten their certification, the MIAA had waited eight long years to acquire the temporary aerodrome certification.

He explained that the country’s major aviation hub is massive, “that’s why our certification was a little bit late.” The NAIA boasts of a land area of 645 hectares and with nearly 750 flights a day.

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