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Russian officials seek new rules to closely monitor airlines

Russian authorities are seeking to create new regulations that would allow for closer monitoring of airline financial conditions to ensure carriers can fulfill passenger obligations.

According to Minister of Transport, Maxim Sokolov, the Ministry also wants to amend the air operator’s certificate suspension process to be involved in the airline’s business in case of problems. The authority also wants to closely supervise flight delays to be able to introduce a compensation hike in case of delays.

The discussion of the new measures were launched after financially troubled VIM Airlines almost halted flights in September, forcing Russian authorities to intervene to re-accommodate VIM passengers on other airlines or arrange for several carriers to take over VIM routes.

After VIM’s base at Moscow Domodedovo declined to handle flights because of debts, Vnukovo Airport agreed to take on VIM flights. Vnukovo said that from Sept. 26-Oct. 3, the airport handled 128 VIM flights, which carried 12,709 passengers.

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