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Ryanair applies for license to fly domestic UK routes

Ryanair is preparing for a hard Brexit and is seeking a UK Air Operator’s Certificate in order fly domestic routes in the UK.

The carrier disclosed that it had already applied for one to UK regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority.

Michael O’Leary, the Chief Executive of Ryanair, had consistently trumpeted the potential effects Brexit might have on aviation. He warned that flights between the UK and the EU could be halted for months on end, should negotiations between the two sides not bear fruit.

“Ryanair today confirmed that a subsidiary company Ryanair UK filed an application on 21 December last for an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) with the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK.

“This may be required for Ryanair’s three UK domestic routes in the event of a hard Brexit in March 2019.”

Ryanair do not have much in the way of UK domestic routes.

Some of those routes have also been suspended over the winter. This was due to a widescale grounding after Ryanair admitted “messing up” pilot holiday rosters back in September.

Ryanair was censured by the CAA, which warned Ryanair with impending legal action for “persistently misleading” passengers about rights.

The move came after Ryanair cancelled 18,000 flights in September.

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