Saturday , February 24 2018
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Singapore signs Open Skies Agreement with Kiribati

Singapore has signed an Open Skies Agreement with Kiribati that allows both nations to operate any number of flights between them. The agreement stipulates that flights would not have any restrictions or limitations on capacity, frequency, aircraft type, and routing. Additionally, cargo carriers coming from both countries would be allowed to use either country as a hub for operations to any third country. With this new agreement, Singapore has now …

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Direct flights between Papua New Guinea and Kiribati being discussed

The Kiribati Transport Ministerial is in the thick of negotiations for direct flights between Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Kiribati. Among the talking points of the ongoing discussions include a provision of draft PNG-Kiribati Air Services Agreement Text for mutual acceptance, and the identification of operating points for the respective parties for mutual occurrence and acceptance.

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