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Azul and LATAM Airlines Brazil wait on US-Brazil Open Skies approval

Azul and LATAM Airlines Brazil are waiting on the approval of the United States-Brazil Open Skies agreement before they can move forward with their joint ventures. “Open skies will inevitably get approved. We want to work closely with United [Airlines] for a joint venture,” said Azul Chief Executive, John Rodgerson. The two carriers are codeshare partners. United put in $100 million in Azul back in 2015, and has made known …

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Regulation changes on deck to lower airfares and boost tourism, says Brazilian Minister of Tourism

Brazil’s Minister of Tourism, Marx Beltrao, announced that Congress would finalize legislation that would make way for the deregulation of flights to and from the United States as soon as next month. Aside from that, Beltrao is also looking forward to legislators giving the green light to a plan that would allow foreign carriers to own a bigger slice of the pie when it comes to Brazilian airlines. Both measures …

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LatAm Aviation Defies Protectionism

by Larry B. Pascal – Although President Trump has criticized free trade policies such as the NAFTA, in Latin America in general and in the aviation sector in particular, we continue to see a variety of important market opening and cross-border developments.  In Chile (Sebastian Pinera), Argentina (Mauricio Macri), Peru (Pedro Pablo Kuczynski), Brazil (Michel Temer), we have seen the rise of right-of-center leaders who more openly embrace free trade …

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Last ‘Incredible’ Airline Opportunity Opens in Argentina Skies

By Fabiola Moura and Eduardo Thomson The skies over Argentina have airline industry veterans lining up planes. The nation’s vast territory and a young working population in Buenos Aires with links to faraway hometowns are two attractions. Join those with a government willing to open virtually untapped markets — currently served almost exclusively by state-run Aerolineas Argentinas SA — and the potential is huge. That’s what Michael Cawley is betting …

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LATAM Airlines steps ups bid to win over Chilean regulators

The LATAM Airlines Group has stepped up their efforts to win over the Chilean anti-competition regulator for its joint venture with IAG International Airlines Group, by adding capacity on flights between Chile and North America and Europe. The pact has already been given the go-signal by regulators in Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia. But concessions were also made by LATAM to satisfy the anti-competition regulations. The agreement though, has yet to …

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