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US FAA and EU sign pacts to expand aviation safety and air traffic management

US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Michael Huerta, Ambassador Kaja Tael, Permanent Representative of Estonia to the European Union, and European Commission Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) Director General Henrik Hololei inked amendments to two US-EU pacts that would develop areas for collaborative efforts on aviation safety and air traffic management.

“Our collaboration remains vitally important for the safe and efficient movement of passengers and cargo on both sides of the Atlantic,” said Huerta.

“Today’s signing continues a deep commitment to cooperation and harmonization shared by America and the EU. In particular, I’d like to thank the European Commission and DG MOVE Director General Hololeifor his leadership in our joint collaborative efforts.”

The change to the US-EU Aviation Safety Agreement allows the FAA and the EU to settle on arrangements for mutual acceptance of approvals related to Flight Simulator Training Devices and Pilot Licensing.

The amendment also makes way for future partnership in aircraft operations and air traffic safety oversight. By lowering duplication and leveraging resources, the FAA and EU can improve on their allocation of resources to areas with higher risks to aviation safety. Industry, government and the flying public would all reap the benefits from this expanded safety cooperation through simplified procedures and lowered costs.

The second change develops an alliance in the area of air traffic management modernization.

The FAA and EU are one in their commitment to unifying air traffic technologies, standards and procedures under modernization programs – NextGen (in the US) and SESAR (in the EU). The expanded agreement will now regulate the full life cycle of Air Traffic Management modernization activities from development to deployment.

“The broadened scope of the two agreements we signed today confirms the strong commitment to continue to work together for the future of aviation safety—always the highest priority in our aviation agenda.

I would like to thank the FAA and in particular Administrator Huerta for the outstanding cooperation that has led us here today, and for the excellent work he has done all along his mandate in supporting a very close and fruitful cooperation with the EU,” said Hololei.

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