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AOA and ACI EUROPE make appeal to UK and EU negotiators to think about passengers

The UK Airport Operators Association and ACI EUROPE have released a joint statement to respond to the draft EU guidelines for the post Brexit relationship, which confirm that particular air transport and air safety pacts would be required to guard air connectivity between the UK and the EU.

The two groups welcomed the step as it pushes the envelope forward for the future aviation relationship and potentially lessens the amount of uncertainty surrounding the prickly issue.

Aviation is one of the EU’s most well known milestones. Because of the Single Aviation Market, European passengers have gained access to more destinations at reduced airfare rates.

ACI EUROPE and the UK Airport Operators Association appealed to negotiators to put the passengers’ interests at the center of a future pact to makes certain that they continue to benefit from this outstanding air connectivity, regardless of whether they reside or work in the UK or in the EU.

That is why the two organizations are urging EU27 and UK negotiators to settle on an agreement that closely resembles that of the existing arrangement.

The two groups also note that the draft EU guidelines do not acknowledge the rights of UK airlines to keep their planes in the air within the EU27 or the right of EU27 airlines to keep flying within the UK. This is a direct result of the UK departing from the Single Aviation Market.

These limitations would lead to a less dynamic European aviation sector because of the reduced operating flexibility and additional expenses.

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