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Aviation safety at the top of the list of priorities for ERA

The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) met and discussed numerous safety issues that included peer support program, pilot mental health, lasers, SAFA inspection program and the group’s top safety concerns, namely airborne conflict, loss of control, fire and smoke, cyber security and conflict zones.

Also addressed during the said gathering were the challenges that ERA members are facing with regards to Brexit and technical operations matters such as Opinion 06-2017 – Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, ORO.FC, examiner differences, research on pilots over the age of 60 and the modification of the SPI Regulation final report.

While aviation remains a very dependable means of transport, it remains crucial for the industry to continue searching out ways to improve safety standards.

ERA’s Director General Montserrat Barriga, said:

“While the aviation industry’s safety record is exceptional, it is constantly working to improve its standards. We are working with EASA to preserve the highest level of safety in European airspace, addressing current and future challenges and delivering real results.”

Luc Tytgat, the Director of the Strategy and Safety Management Directorate at EASA also shared his two cents:

“ERA is a key partner for EASA to ensure appropriate link between ERA members and the Agency; Operational experiences acquired by the regional airlines are essential to understand the specific constraints of this sector and to take into consideration when defining the EASA safety standards.”

In addition to the association’s continuing work with aviation safety entities, ERA operates an air safety group for its members that regularly meet to tackle safety concerns.

The group’s objective is to boost the safety of ERA members’ operations and to foster a positive culture for aviation safety.

ERA also conducts a Safety Forum with the Flight Safety Foundation and Eurocontrol. This year’s edition would be held on May 29-30 at the Eurocontrol Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

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