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CAAB Chairman says US-Bangla aircraft was fit to fly

The Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB), Air Vice Marshal M Naim Hassan, has said that the US-Bangla aircraft that crashed at Kathmandu Airport was declared fit to fly before it departed Dhaka.

The CAAB chairman also said that the aircraft’s black box would be sent to Bombardier in Canada, which is the manufacturer of the dash, to decode it.

“We followed all set procedures of safety compliance before the departure of the aircraft,” Naim said in a press conference that was held at the CAAB headquarters.

He also cited that the very same plane flew the Dhaka-Chittagong-Dhaka route the morning before it left for its flight to Kathmandu.

“If the aircraft was not fit, it would have failed to fly on Chittagong route,” the CAAB chairman said.

“After decoding the black box, we can say whether there was a technical glitch or human error behind the crash,” he claimed.

A six-member committee has already been set up by the Nepal government to look into the crash that killed 49 passengers.

“We also formed a three-member team from our side. The members of the team are now in Kathmandu,” he said. The mandate of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is that it’s the responsibility of Nepal to investigate where any incident takes place.

“As per the international aviation rules, we can’t conduct investigation in Nepal. But our team will be there to give support to their probe committee,” Naim said.

The CAAB chairman said they are exhausting all efforts to determine what the cause of the crash was.

“We will take measures so that this kind of accident cannot take place again in future,” he added.

With regards to the alleged confusion between the pilot of the plane and the control tower of Thribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu, Naim said: “I’m neither endorsing nor denying the leaked tape as the YouTube link is not verified.”

Naim also said that the pilot of the doomed aircraft, Abid Sultan, had a “good track record of operating dash aircraft” and that he was a “very bright student” during his time under Naim at the air force training course.

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