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European Aviation Safety Agency Basic Regulation revamp progresses

The European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) planned revamp of its Basic Regulation showed promise after members of the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee voted in favor of the new framework.

Approval by the members of Parliament came to be after a settlement was reached over the framework late last year.

“The committee’s endorsement is a crucial step forward toward concluding this multi-year process, and bringing many of the important changes to realization,” said General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) President and CEO, Pete Bunce.

“There is clear political will to modernize the EASA framework, in particular backing a risk-based, proportionate approach to all future EASA work,” Bunce added.

GAMA has long been a solid backer of plans to update EASA’s regulatory framework, claiming that would enhance the way the agency approaches regulation of general aviation.

GAMA has also also noted that the amendment would signify the largest modification of EASA regulations since the agency was established.

“This new framework will enshrine the idea of promoting more modern, appropriate regulations, built on flexibility, and an emphasis on consensus-based standards.

“This is the key to allowing innovation and continually improving safety through appropriate rules,” Bunce remarked.

The new framework has a few remaining hurdles to overcome before it can be fully implemented, said GAMA.

These include a vote by the full plenary of the EU Parliament, and an official agreement at the ministerial-level by EU member states.

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