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Ghana Civil Aviation Authority partly blamed by BPS for crash of Starbow aircraft

The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) has pinned part of the blame at the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) for the air incident that involved a Starbow aircraft, which nearly claimed the lives of 68 people onboard.

The Starbow aircraft that was bound for Kumasi, overshot the runway at Kotoka International Airport, during its takeoff manoeuvre in November last year.

The BPS claimed that the incident could have been averted had the GCAA ensured that an airworthiness of directive regarding the seats of the Pilots and Co-Pilot was applied earlier.

In a statement signed by the Executive Director of BPS, Nana Yaw Akwada, he cautioned that the country’s air safety has been compromised, as the investigators of the Starbow crash did not hold the GCAA accountable.

“We found it extremely worrying that investigators having established evidential and unambiguous violation on the part of the GCAA still went ahead to fault only Starbow and the flight crew without any recommendation whatsoever for the regulator [GCAA],” Akwada said.

The BPS also revealed that it had already communicated with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to ask that the processes, procedures and personnel of the GCAA be audited.

The BPS also called on parliament to take a closer look into the matter as this can potentially place passengers in harm’s way.

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