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Ghana Civil Aviation Authority to improve customer experience with new directive on consumer rights

Passengers that would be going through Ghana’s airports can expect improved services as the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) is getting set to initiate a new directive on consumer rights by June later this year.

Consumer protection has been at the center of numerous discussions especially after several instances of air travel disturbances caused by overbooking and flight cancellations to name a few reasons.

The address the issue at the soonest possible time, the GCAA announced that they are quickening the pace in order to have a directive on consumer rights implemented as early as June.

In response to the recent happenings, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority has announced it is speeding up the process to have a directive on consumer rights come into force by June this year.

“We have come out with draft directives on consumer protection and consumer rights and we have engaged the various stakeholders on it and so we are hopeful that mid-year the policy will come into implementation,” said Simon Allotey, the Director-General of GCAA.

Aviation Minister, Cecelia Dapaah, had already cautioned British Airways to develop their services to Ghana or else, face the threat of sanctions being slapped on them.

British Airways got the attention of Dapaah after she was made aware of the report regarding bed bugs in some of the British Airways flights.

A separate incident that involved Air Portugal and three women, where the women were apparently abused after being denied boarding as well as the cancellation of an Africa World Air Flight going to Tamale are but a few occurrences that might have sparked the GCAA move.

According to recent trends, airlines adjust to laws that are specific to the region where they operate such as regulations under the EU air passenger rights law or the US air passenger rights.

In Africa, a lot of African air transport passengers are not protected by any institution against subpar services. In fact, most are even unaware of the rights they may have against various service providers.

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