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Heathrow Airport increases environmental charges by 7%

Heathrow Airport has risen the cost of environmental fees it levies on airlines by 7% in a bid to reduce its impact on the environment.

The rationale behind the price change is to give carriers more incentive to use their latest aircrafts at Heathrow. This can lead to a cleaner and quieter airport for local communities.

The higher environmental charge is part of the airport’s sustainability strategy dubbed Heathrow 2.0, which lays out goals to deliver a more sustainable future for the aviation industry.

Also comprising this said initiative is a goal to make growth from the new runway at Heathrow carbon neutral. Heathrow is also using 100% renewable electricity at the airport from 2017 in its goal to turn the facility into a zero-carbon airport.

Also included in the new strategy is a proposal to create an airside ultra-low emission zone by 2025. This is to enhance the quality of life of local communities through cleaner air.

With new public transport systems such as Crossrail, HS2 and rail links to the west and south on the horizon – the way people move about to Heathrow is set to undergo changes, helping the airport to potentially reach its goal of 50% of passengers travelling by sustainable transport by the year 2030.

Heathrow has also made a sizable investment in electric vehicles and charging points at the airport as well as rolling out a new scheme to urge colleagues to purchase and use low-emission vehicles.

Heathrow says that all the collective results of all the sad measures would aid the facility resolve emissions.

Its CEO, John Holland-Kaye, stated: “Heathrow is determined to reduce the airport’s environmental impacts.

“Increasing our environmental charges to incentivise airlines to bring their cleanest, quietest aircraft to Heathrow is the best way to cut emissions and shrink the noise footprint around the airport.

“It is a tangible step that will make a real difference to local communities.”

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