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IATA and Italian air navigation service provider ENAV to develop airspace strategy for Italy

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Italy’s air navigation service provider, ENAV, is partnering up to develop and soon implement an Italian National Airspace Strategy.

This collaboration is expected to forge tighter bonds between the two organizations for this specific initiative, which is geared to offer benefits to the travelling public as well as the aviation community, all while backing the economic growth and competitiveness of the Italian aviation sector.

The strategy is considered to be a follow-up to the success of recent airspace and wider air traffic management (ATM) developments that were put in place by ENAV and Italian stakeholders to respond to the goals of the Single European Sky, and to completely support modernization and enhancements in safety, environmental performance, operational effectiveness, cost efficiency and business continuity.

By the year 2036, the demand for aviation in this country is expected to balloon to 173 passengers. If Italy was to service this large a market, while guaranteeing safety, lessened costs, C02 emissions and delays, the country must update its airspace and the ATM network.

Air transport contributes €42.4 billion to Italian GDP and backs nearly 600,000 jobs. Successful airspace modernization is expected to generate substantial benefits, and create an extra €27 billion in annual GDP and 95,000 jobs.

With the goal of further reinforcing a well-established collaborative and a customer-oriented approach, ENAV and IATA have pledged to work together with Italian authorities and aviation stakeholders to deliver and implement a National Airspace Strategy.

The main elements of the strategy cover the leadership and collaborative stakeholder approach, airspace management and technical modernization of the ATM systems.

Roberta Neri, CEO of ENAV, said: “I welcome this initiative, which is fully in line with ENAV’s focus on customers and partners. We are developing an airspace strategy with the full involvement of stakeholders to further support the ongoing modernization of our technology and operations.

“The implementation of the free route project – in December 2016 – is one of our pillars of ENAV’s ambitious targets and mission: the safety and punctuality for the millions of passengers who fly in Italian airspace. Our commitment is to contribute to the growth of national and European air transport through efficiency and innovation”.

IATA Director General and CEO, Alexandre de Juniac, also had this to say:

“By choosing to bring IATA on board to develop a National Airspace Strategy for Italy, ENAV is demonstrating vision and leadership for world-class air navigation services. Air travelers to Italy soon will begin to see the benefits of our collaborative approach.

“And the wider benefits to Italy’s economy and its citizens will follow. We look forward to working with ENAV to make the airspace strategy not only a success for Italy, but also to advance European ATM and accelerate delivery of the Single European Sky goals.”

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