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Nepal hopeful of getting approval from India for inbound flight route from the west

Nepal is looking forward to gaining the green light from India to operate an inbound flight route coming from the west, said a senior aviation official of the country.

According to Sanjiv Gautam, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, flights heading into Nepal from India come from over Patna in the Bihar state.

“We have been in dialogue with the Indian authority and hope to get approval (for the route) this year,” Gautam said at the staging of the Singapore Airshow.

He also added that inbound flights that come from the western side would lessen flight time.

Gautam also reported that the country is shoring up its airport infrastructure to host five million tourists each year until 2025. This figure represents a rise of one million per year from the current average.

Gautam also said that the Kathmandu airport is congested.

At the moment, Nepal’s Gautam Buddha airport is nearing completion by the end of this year. The said airport, which costs USD 80 million, is located in the southern part of the nation.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal boss added that they are also constructing a USD 260 million airport at Pokhara, considered to be a popular tourist destination in the country. It would be completed by July of 2021.

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