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Nigeria: FAAN calls for synergy among security agencies across airports

The Director of Aviation Security of the Federal Airports Authority of a Nigeria (FAAN), Group Captain Usman Abubakar Sadiq (Rtd), has called for cooperation between the various security agencies across all airports in the country to tackle the numerous security breach incidents.

Sadiq stressed that sharing information is a foremost priority if they are to resolve the security issues. He added that no security agency can possibly work alone or handle security issues by themselves and expect to achieve success.

Sadiq made the statements during the annual lecture of the Aviation Security Department at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos which was done under the theme “Aviation Security: An integral part of National Security.”

He noted that AVSEC has a key role in national security as its statutorily tasked with the responsibility of providing security services at airports all across Nigeria.

Sadiq emphasized that this obligation was defined in ICAO Security Manual DOC-8973 – ” Safeguarding Civil Aviation Against Unlawful interference” – which includes the safety of passengers, airlines, ground personnel, crew members, the public and facilities.

Sadiq went on to say that every security agency plays an important role in the overall security of the nation and as such, all of them must work as partners to make sure that airports are safe from security compromises.

Sadiq remarked:

“Thus, as the security architecture or security sector is not complete without the military, police of intelligence service so also is the absence of aviation security in national security set up is incomplete due to the specialized security service it renders.

“The most important thing is to consider the present state of collaboration among security deployed to our airports. There are exit gaps in the areas of cooperation, information sharing and synergy which need to be closed in order to meaningfully tackle the security challenges facing the nation.”

In his address, the Airport Chief of Security of the MMIA, Mammam Sadiku, echoed that AVSEC’s mandate was not just to overcome the current challenges but also to make sure adequate security and protection is provided to all stakeholders and investment.

He also expressed his gratitude to the management team of the FAAN for their support in carrying out their responsibilities.

“I am excited to add that the highest level of the Authority’s Management, an enviable leadership, commitment and support has been displayed again and again in an unequivocal manner.

“For this, we are grateful and are rededicated to achieving the core mission of developing and profitably managing customer-centric airport facilities for safe, secured and efficient carriage of passengers and goods at world- class standards of quality,” Sadiku said.

Other lecturers pointed to the need for security chiefs at the airports to give importance to monthly meetings to talk about security matters.

Security Service Manager, Nigeria Aviation Handling Company, NAHCOaviance, Commodore Mohammed Lawal Badamasi, said he was not pleased over the level of importance that is often conveyed to such gatherings when subordinates of the heads of agencies are sent to represent their bosses.

“I think we have not given security the needed importance it deserves, airport security committee meetings you have heads of security agencies that are supposed to be the main people but they do not attend, rather they send all sorts of representatives, that shows the level of importance they attach to that important decision making body,” Badamasi said.

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