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Nigeria: House of Representatives call for audit of commercial aircrafts to bolster air safety

Nigeria’s House of Representatives made a call for the investigation and the carrying out of a critical audit of all registered aircrafts in the country.

This development came off the motion for the “Establishment of Technical and Operational Status of Nigerian Registered Commercial Aircrafts to Boost the Safety, Protection as well as Confidence of Passengers Flying the Nigerian Airspace” by Abubakar Amuda-Kannike G.

Amuda-Kannike let his colleagues know that fulfillment of safety standards in the aviation subsector was of utmost significance.

Amuda-Kannike added that aviation safety measures were preemptive measures to prevent air disasters. This is to also ensure smooth operations and bolster the comfort of passengers.

”The recently incidents in the aviation subsector are indicative that a holistic review and assessment of the level of compliance and adherence to safety standards are pertinent”

“Ideally there must be periodic aircraft maintenance which includes overhaul, repair, inspection, or modification of an aircraft or aircraft component and maintenance which incorporates such tasks as ensuring compliance with airworthiness directives,” said Amuda-Kannike.

The national regulations were established under international standards promulgated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

“There exists a high degree of complicity between airline operators in Nigeria and the regulatory bodies charged with the safety of our airspace and passengers; particularly, the Directorate of Quality Assurance of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority as well as the Accident Investigation Bureau; which has compromised the safety standards of our aviation sector,” Amuda-Kannike added.

Amuda-Kannike said that he was particularly disturbed with the fact that non-compliance with the airworthiness requirements placed passengers to high level risks, potential dangers and discomfort, which can easily be prevented by fulfilling due diligence on a consistent basis.

Yakubu Dogara, who chaired the plenary session, also tasked the Committees on Aviation and Commerce to take a close look and conduct a critical audit of all registered aircrafts.

The Committees were also told to determine the aircrafts’ airworthiness, in compliance with applicable operational methods, establish safety standards and procedures as well as assess the operational environment of the aviation subsector with the goal of enhancing operational standards.

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