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Qatar-US civil aviation talks to pave the way for “fair competition”

Results of the recent talks between the United States and Qatar centered on civil aviation would pave the way for “fair competition” between major stakeholders in the industry.

This was the assessment of Charge d’Affaires, Ryan Gliha, of the US embassy in Doha, who asserted that officials from the two nations had settled on an understanding that addresses the issues that had been raised by airline stakeholders coming from their countries.

“The US came to an agreement with the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority on putting to rest the ongoing controversy under the Open Skies agreement about subsidies and other sorts of criticisms that the American airline industry had been making towards the Qatari airline industry,” Gliha said.

He continued:

“We’re very happy to have this conclusion and agreement with the Qatari government on this and that’s satisfactory to our government, the Qatari government, and the industries of both countries. It’s creating a fair competition between everyone’s airline industry and that’s good for both industries, and also the consumers that are using all these services.

Gliha remarked that the understanding on civil aviation was one of the high points that were tackled during the first-ever US-Qatar Strategic Dialogue that was staged in Washington DC.

During the discussions, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were both welcoming of the result of the recent talks on civil aviation geared at promoting healthy competition in the global aviation sector, while also maintaining the framework of the Open Skies of United States foreign aviation policy.

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