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Russia hopeful Egypt would sign aviation security agreement

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich relayed that Moscow is expecting Cairo to sign an aviation security agreement that has been prepared.

“Initially, we said that there should be a security agreement. It has been prepared. I believe that Egypt is ready to sign it, otherwise the discussion would not have resumed,” Dvorkovich said.

Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sopkolov has indicated that regular flights between Moscow and Cairo could begin flying again in the middle of February.

Russian President Vladimir Putin inked a decree on the resumption of flights between Russia and Egypt on January 4.

All flights between the two nations were halted back in November 2015 after the explosion and tragic crash of an A320 jet that was operated by Russian carrier Metrojet.

The incident occurred over the Sinai Peninsula 30 minutes after takeoff from Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport. All 217 passengers and seven crewmembers perished in the tragedy that was later designated by the Russian Federal Security Service as a terrorist attack.

As a requirement for the resumption of flights, Russia has asked for the substantial tightening of security measures at Egyptian airports.

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