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Ryanair pins blame on UK’s high tourism tax for closure of Glasgow base and job layoffs

Ryanair would be reducing the number of routes that it operates from Glasgow, putting as much as 300 workers at risk of losing their jobs.

Ryanair has pinned the blame on UK’s high tourism tax for the call to shut down its base at the popular Scottish city.

The Glasgow base would be getting shut down in November and shift the plane that is located there to Edinburgh as well as five different routes. In all, 45 routes would now be flown from the Scottish capital while a mere three would be operated from its second city.

Ryanair’s Chief Commercial Officer, David O’Brien, explained that the airline’s initial decision to launch a base in Glasgow hinged on assurances by the Scottish Government to slash or eliminate altogether air passenger duty (APD) but that authorities “have not done so.”

“Ryanair regrets these cuts in the weaker Glasgow market where efforts to stimulate low fare demand are severely hampered by the continuing burden of APD,” O’Brien said.

Air passenger duty is charged on flights from the UK and has been bashed by all corners of the aviation industry as a primary reason why Europe is becoming more popular with passengers who are connecting to flights to Asia or the United States.

Flying from a UK airport and then making your way to another flight here means passengers are charged twice.

Ryanair said it projects that over 300 jobs could be compromised at Glasgow airport but that these would not be direct employees of the airline.

It added that “significant” job growth could be seen at Edinburgh where it is transferring the flights to.

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