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Sri Lanka: Cabinet gives go signal for Air Transport Bill

The Cabinet has given its go ahead for the Air Transport Bill that would give effect to the Montreal Convention.

The Montreal Convention safeguards passengers’ interests by introducing a modern two-tier liability system and by facilitating the quick recovery of proven damages without a lengthy litigation, read the Cabinet paper on the subject matter.

Meanwhile, air carriers would be able to amass substantial operational savings through the use of electronically produced and abridged documents of carriage, especially on the cargo field, and the ability to manage risks more efficiently.

Cabinet approval would also allow the Transport and Civil Aviation Minister to present the Bill to Parliament for enactment.

The approval to ratify the Montreal Convention was subjected to a reservation where the Act shall not apply to:

“International carriage by air performed and operated directly by the State of Sri Lanka for non-commercial purposes in respect of its functions and duties as a sovereign state and/or the carriage of persons, cargo and baggage for its military authorities on aircraft registered of leased by the State of Sri Lanka, the whole capacity of which has been reserved by or on behalf of such authorities.”

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