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Sri Lanka and United States amend Open Skies Agreement

Sri Lanka and the United States inked an agreement to amend the US-Sri Lanka Open Skies Agreement of 2002 to facilitate the movement of cargo goods more efficiently and profitably.

The US Embassy made the announcement. Signing the agreement were US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap and Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry Secretary G. S. Withanage.

The Embassy announced that the amendment bolsters worldwide express delivery cargo networks, improves bilateral linkage and competitiveness, and helps develop economic growth and job creation. 

Keshap said the amendment to the bilateral Open Skies Agreement strengthens further the healthy and sustainable trade relationship between the two countries.

“As Sri Lanka’s largest trading partner, the US seeks economic growth that provides employment and opportunity for the citizens of both our nations,” Keshap said.

The signing happened during the 10th International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Air Services Negotiation Event (ICAN 2017) in Colombo.

Within the ICAN 2017 framework, the US is holding talks with over a dozen countries and agreed in principle on changes to two existing aviation agreements to expand rights for US carriers to add in key seventh-freedom rights for all-cargo operations.

“This year’s ICAN also provides a venue to discuss a wide range of civil aviation issues with bilateral partner governments to resolve business issues and to obtain new rights for US carriers. The US delegation includes representatives from the Departments of State and Transportation,” the US Embassy said.

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