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AOA and ACI EUROPE make appeal to UK and EU negotiators to think about passengers


The UK Airport Operators Association and ACI EUROPE have released a joint statement to respond to the draft EU guidelines for the post Brexit relationship, which confirm that particular air transport and air safety pacts would be required to guard air connectivity between the UK and the EU. The two groups welcomed the step as it pushes the envelope forward for the future aviation relationship and potentially lessens the amount …

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Ryanair pins blame on UK’s high tourism tax for closure of Glasgow base and job layoffs

Ryanair would be reducing the number of routes that it operates from Glasgow, putting as much as 300 workers at risk of losing their jobs. Ryanair has pinned the blame on UK’s high tourism tax for the call to shut down its base at the popular Scottish city. The Glasgow base would be getting shut down in November and shift the plane that is located there to Edinburgh as well …

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To help fix EU budget, end aviation’s tax break

By Bill Hemmings | Transport & Environment – The European Commission’s move to make it administratively easier to calculate and charge VAT on passenger transport is welcome and long overdue, writes Bill Hemmings. But instead of abolishing VAT breaks for airline tickets, the EU plan will make a weekend trip treated the same as “necessities” such as foodstuffs, or pharmaceutical products, he warns. Bill Hemmings is aviation director at sustainable transport group Transport & …

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UK gives green light to funding for development of technology to boost airport security

The UK government has given the green light for the release of a total of £1.8 million to aid eight projects that would develop technology geared to bolster airport security and enhance the screening process. The new aviation security solutions are being made to strengthen threat detection capabilities, lessen queues and largely facilitate quicker airport screening process. Security Screening Technologies is one of the projects that would be receiving part …

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Aviation safety at the top of the list of priorities for ERA

The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) met and discussed numerous safety issues that included peer support program, pilot mental health, lasers, SAFA inspection program and the group’s top safety concerns, namely airborne conflict, loss of control, fire and smoke, cyber security and conflict zones. Also addressed during the said gathering were the challenges that ERA members are facing with regards to Brexit and technical operations matters such as Opinion 06-2017 …

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Ryanair warns of growing business elsewhere if issue on APD is not addressed

Ryanair has decisively issued a stern warning to Stormont: address the burden of air passenger duty or run the risk of the airline developing its business somewhere else. Kenny Jacobs, the Chief Marketing Officer of Ryanair, said the tax levy amounting to £13 on every passenger was negatively affecting regions such as Northern Ireland Jacobs also stated that it “creates an economic hindrance.” The situation developed after Ryanair announced that …

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ESC asks governments to take a closer look into slot allocation problem

The European Shippers’ Council (ESC) has called for national governments to take a long, hard look into the issue involving the continent’s slots allocation. The ESC alluded to the fact that officials of European nations’ national parliaments are already in talks with regards to criteria related to slot allocations, such as sustainability, noise reduction and economic output of flights. However, the ESC believes they can also make a difference in …

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EASA includes “rulemaking cooldown” in Aviation Safety Plan

The European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) has included a “rulemaking cooldown” that reduces the number of regulatory opinions in a five-year span. Specifically, the plan states “Delivery of the number of [regulatory] opinions over the next five years has been reduced as compared to the previous years.” The EASA explained that the move is being done in part to focus on giving support on …

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EASA publishes aviation safety plan for next four years

The European Aviation Safety Agency has released its strategic plan for aviation safety for the next four years. The highlights of the 2018-2022 plan and rulemaking program include: EASA proposes what it describes as a rulemaking “cool-down” over the next five years relative to recent years. It states that it is emphasizing the support of recently accepted rules and focus on oversight and safety promotion campaigns rather than proceeding to …

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