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The UAE case study shows why open markets work

By Bernd Debusmann Jr – As the United States lurches uncomfortably towards protectionism and the possibility of a trade war caused by President Donald Trump’s vow to slap stiff tariffs on steel and aluminium imports, businesses across the UAE can breathe a sigh of relief that they operate in a country that has – from the very beginning – been driven by competitiveness and the concept of free trade. …

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Brazil Senate green lights Open Skies air pact with United States

Brazil’s Senate has sanctioned the Open Skies agreement between the country and the United States, which essentially clears the path for a partnership between American Airlines Group Inc. and LATAM Airlines Group. The treaty is expected to be signed into law by the President of Brazil, Michel Temer. The pact makes way for an unlimited number of flights between Brazil and the US – which is considered to be a …

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IAG confident that deal would be struck to secure Britain’s flying rights after Brexit

willie walsh

The Chief Executive of the International Airlines Group (IAG), Willie Walsh, is feeling confident that a deal would be settled to secure Britain’s flying rights after Brexit. Walsh recently told the audience at the Airlines for Europe conference that he expects Britain to negotiate deals that would keep flights from being grounded. “I am a firm believer that this will get resolved,” Walsh boldly stated during the event. He also …

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United States offers UK limited Open Skies aviation deal

The United States has forwarded to the UK a more limited Open Skies aviation deal after Brexit. However, participants remained hopeful that the profitable transatlantic market would continue to flourish. The primary contention in the talks between the two nations is that the US is sticking with its usual template for aviation pacts, which has less generous conditions than its deal with the EU. Those conditions could impact transatlantic flights …

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Emirates Airline President believes a truce with US rivals could benefit them all

Tim Clark

Emirates Airlines President, Sir Tim Clark, says that his company and its United States rivals – American, Delta, and United Airlines – would all do well to agree on a truce. At the same time, Clark bewailed the campaign that his rivals are using in this long-standing dispute. “They need to grow up and we need to have a mature way of going about our business,” Clark said in a …

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EU should consider economic benefits of increased Gulf travel, says UAE official

A senior UAE official has opined that European nations should take a good look at the wide range of economic benefits of increased Gulf travel as opposed to training its focus on the fate of national airlines. The senior UAE official made the remarks right before open skies negotiations begin with the European Union. National flag carriers such as Lufthansa of Germany expressed its concern that it would lose business …

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Namibia to review Single African Air Transport Marketing agreement

Namibia’s government would be hosting a workshop to examine the Single African Air Transport Marketing (SAATM) agreement, which it had yet to sign. In spite showing interest in a unified African air transport market, Namibia has curiously not signed on its commitment to the landmark aviation initiative. To date, 23 countries have already signed and pledged their commitment. This includes the nations of Botswana, Mali, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South …

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Aviation stakeholders remain divided over Single African Skies

The Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) has gained a lot of attention from stakeholders in the African aviation industry and at the world stage. The initiative has been around for a while now but only gathered steal after the regulators’ insistence to force-feed the plan to African carriers, which included that of Nigeria. In turn, the regulators along with local airlines and their respective governments are expected to get …

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Uzbekistan President orders introduction of Open Skies policy at three international airports

Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has ordered the introduction of Open Skies Policy at three more international airports. These are Andijan, Nukus and Navoi. Earlier this month, Mirziyoyev inked the Measures to Boost Tourists Inflow Decree, which paves the way for the removal of Karshi airport from the structure of Uzbekistan Airways, its turnover to a private specialized company and the introduction of an open skies policy. The Karshi airport development …

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ASEAN airports to deal with difficulties in handling sudden influx of travellers

Honeywell International Inc. Vice President, Airlines, Asia Pacific and Aerospace Leader, Brian Davis, has questioned whether the ASEAN region is prepared for full liberalization of its skies. Explaining the complete approval of the ASEAN Open Skies agreement back in 2016 as a crucial point, Davis said Malaysia, for instance, could sure benefit from the increase in intra-ASEAN travel. Davis, however, claimed that Malaysia’s airports might face near-term struggles in dealing …

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