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Emirates Airline President believes a truce with US rivals could benefit them all

Tim Clark

Emirates Airlines President, Sir Tim Clark, says that his company and its United States rivals – American, Delta, and United Airlines – would all do well to agree on a truce. At the same time, Clark bewailed the campaign that his rivals are using in this long-standing dispute. “They need to grow up and we need to have a mature way of going about our business,” Clark said in a …

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Emirates Airline President Tim Clark asserts they have not violated any trade agreement with the US

Emirates Airline President, Sir Tim Clark, hit back at allegations that his airline has breached a trade agreement with the United States. He also emphasized that they have nothing to hide. “We have provided our financials. We treat ourselves like a publicly listed company. We’re not, we’re a private company,” Clark was quoted as saying. “The government of Dubai, which owns Emirates, doesn’t have to publish anything. But we publish …

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Airline executives laud Trump administration’s arrangement with Qatar over subsidies

Airline executives and labor groups heaped praise on the agreement that was reached between the Trump administration and Qatar geared towards resolving a dispute over alleged unfair subsidies. “Today’s agreement by the State of Qatar is a strong first step in a process for commercial transparency and accountability, and we remain committed to working with the administration to address the harmful trade violations by the United Arab Emirates as well,” …

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US Government set to finalize agreement with Qatar to ease “Open Skies” conflict

The United States government has relayed to US carriers that Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, would be finalizing an agreement with Qatar wherein state-owned Qatar Airways would pledge to be more transparent with its financial records, and declared that it holds no plans to operate fifth freedom flights to the US. The upcoming accord comes after the State Department told US airlines in December that it wouldn’t revisit negotiations regarding …

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Qatar expected to release financial information regarding Qatar Airways

Qatar is set to divulge detailed information regarding the finances of the state-owned carrier, Qatar Airways. The development was made public by the United States Department, in a move that is said to come as a result of the enormous pressure placed on the Qatar by US airlines to disclose any potential subsidies it may have received. Under the terms of the understanding, U.S. officials said Qatar Airways would be …

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United States requires Middle Eastern carriers to go through stringent cargo screening

The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) revealed that it would compel six Middle Eastern carriers to go through heightened cargo screening in a bid to improve global aviation security. In a statement, the TSA said that the changes apply to carriers in five nations that are flying out from seven airports. It focuses “on last points of departure locations where the threat is greatest.” The development comes as the …

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United States planning talks with Qatar and UAE on airline subsidies

The United States State Department is gearing up for talks with Qatar and the United Arab Emirates regarding allegations that they have been providing subsidies amounting to billions of dollars to their state-backed airlines. The Trump administration will be looking to secure commitments on financial transparency, said sources that had knowledge about the proceedings. The meetings are set to commence as early as this week. US airlines have long harped …

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Arab Air Carriers Organization lauds removal of US corporate tax plan for foreign carriers

The Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) has hailed the removal of the much talked about United States proposal to levy corporation tax on Arabian Gulf airlines. AACO’s Secretary-General Abdul Teffaha expressed his satisfaction with the news that the amendment – tabled last month by US Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia – was pulled from the bill. “Reason prevailed,” he said. The amendment, put in by Isakson, called for airlines headquartered …

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