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Blue sky between airlines on Brexit

By Tom Mcenaney – There was a very curious contrast between the positions adopted last week by IAG’s Willie Walsh and Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary on the question of Brexit. Both of them operate two of the largest airlines in the world. Each has very significant operations in the UK and in the rest of the EU and yet there was a remarkable amount of blue sky between their respective …

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IAG confident that deal would be struck to secure Britain’s flying rights after Brexit

willie walsh

The Chief Executive of the International Airlines Group (IAG), Willie Walsh, is feeling confident that a deal would be settled to secure Britain’s flying rights after Brexit. Walsh recently told the audience at the Airlines for Europe conference that he expects Britain to negotiate deals that would keep flights from being grounded. “I am a firm believer that this will get resolved,” Walsh boldly stated during the event. He also …

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Ryanair reportedly threatening to ground aircrafts to drive voters to “rethink” Brexit

michael o'leary

Reports are circulating that Ryanair is threatening to ground its fleet after the UK departs the European Union to drive voters to “rethink” Brexit. The carrier’s Chief Executive, Michael O’Leary, indicated that he wants to “create an opportunity” by making people come to the realization that they are “no longer going to have cheap holidays.” “I think it’s in our interests – not for a long period of time – …

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Ryanair pins blame on UK’s high tourism tax for closure of Glasgow base and job layoffs

Ryanair would be reducing the number of routes that it operates from Glasgow, putting as much as 300 workers at risk of losing their jobs. Ryanair has pinned the blame on UK’s high tourism tax for the call to shut down its base at the popular Scottish city. The Glasgow base would be getting shut down in November and shift the plane that is located there to Edinburgh as well …

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Ryanair warns of growing business elsewhere if issue on APD is not addressed

Ryanair has decisively issued a stern warning to Stormont: address the burden of air passenger duty or run the risk of the airline developing its business somewhere else. Kenny Jacobs, the Chief Marketing Officer of Ryanair, said the tax levy amounting to £13 on every passenger was negatively affecting regions such as Northern Ireland Jacobs also stated that it “creates an economic hindrance.” The situation developed after Ryanair announced that …

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Brexit: 28% European air passengers deprived from compensations

By: Brexit is almost a year away, but it’s still unclear how the prospective withdrawal will affect British flyers. The current air passenger law protects air travellers against cancelled, delayed and overbooked flights but with Britain set to leave the union in March 2019, such rights will no longer apply to UK citizens. Just like any other EU law, the regalement will lose its powers leaving 28% of European …

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Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary issues new warning on negative impact of Brexit

Outspoken Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary once again reminded the industry just how damning Brexit is going to be on aviation. Time and time again, O’Leary had insisted that flights between the UK and Europe would most likely be grounded in April 2019 should the two sides fail to strike a deal. Ryanair has already taken the initiative to warn passengers of the risk that flights from April 1, 2019 could …

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Ryanair vows to make claiming compensation for delayed or cancelled flights easier

Ryanair has vowed to passengers that claiming compensation for delayed or cancelled flights would be a whole lot easier from hereon end. The Dublin, Ireland-based airline revealed that is establishing a team dedicated solely to processing valid EU Regulation 261 claims in a span of 10 days. The airline is also endeavoring to help customers know more about their options via the website or its app, as opposed to asking …

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Ryanair to place “Brexit clause” into ticket sales for summer of 2019

Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair is set to include a “Brexit clause” in ticket sales for the summer of 2019, cautioning passengers that their tickets would be valid if the lingering issue that surrounds Britain’s exit from the EU is not resolved. Flying rights to, from and within the 28-nation bloc is currently covered by the EU-wide “Open Skies” pacts. However, with Brexit looming on the horizon, that arrangement has been …

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