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Traffic rights issue shuts down Airlink’s plans for Cape Town-St Helena route

Namibian officials have denied Airlink the 5th Freedom rights that it needs to fly from Cape Town to St. Helena through Windhoek International.

The airline had initially planned to utilize the rights to add more passengers to its Johannesburg O.R. Tambo-St. Helena route, which uses the Namibian capital as a technical stop on both sectors of the return service.

“Airlink will continue working with the South African Aeronautical Authority to resolve the aeropolitical constraints that have unexpectedly brought about the discontinuation,” the carrier stated.

With this development, passengers coming from Cape Town who are travelling to St. Helena must now come from Johannesburg, which is linked to the remote South Atlantic island with a weekly EMB-190-operated service.

The traffic rights issue has also led to return flights from St. Helena to Johannesburg now operating non-stop when possible with the EMB-190’s range while taking into consideration the wind conditions during the operating days of the route.

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