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US-led laptop ban lifted on more Middle Eastern airlines

You can add Kuwait Airways and Royal Jordanian to the list of Middle Eastern carriers that have allowed passengers to bring their personal electronic devices with them into airline cabins on flights bound for the United States.

The two carriers have claimed that they have worked closely with US authorities to implement security measures on flights from Kuwait and Jordan.

The US imposed the ban in March on direct flights from eight Muslim-majority countries to address fears that bombs could be hidden in the personal devices such as laptops.

Etihad, Turkish Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways had the laptop ban lifted last week.

Royal Jordanian, which services three US cities from Amman, the Jordanian capital, lifted the ban after the latest security measures were implemented for US-bound flights, said the airline’s President, Stefan Pichler.

State-owned Kuwait Airways, which flies from Kuwait to New York via Ireland, said the ban was lifted after US officials took a closer look at security measures on its flights.

Just last month, the US Department of Homeland Security declared new security measures which require additional time to screen passengers and electronic devices alike, on flights going to America from over a hundred countries.

Airlines conveyed hopes at the time that the alterations would pave the way for the lifting of the electronics ban.

Airlines in Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are yet to announce a lifting of the ban.

Saudia, the flagship carrier for Saudi Arabia, has said passengers would be able to take personal electronic devices on US flights starting on July 19.

Royal Air Maroc is also confident that it can have the ban lifted for flights out of Casablanca by the same date.

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